Wind turbine greasing

For a wind farm, only the best lubrication system is good enough.  Lubrication must be effective and consistent to ensure that the wind turbine does not go into safety mode: this can be very costly.  The Twin heavy-duty system meets these extensive demands and is customized with all the necessary components for the successful greasing of wind turbines.

Automatically lubricates better

In a wind turbine the yaw bearing, generator, pitch bearing raceways, open gears and main bearing have to be lubricated automatically. The Groeneveld Twin heavy-duty system is the perfect solution for all of these applications. Automatic lubrication with the Groeneveld Twin offers major benefits:

  • A longer life span of the lubricated components 
  • Lubrication takes place while the turbine is in operation, so the grease spreads better over the surface
  • The grease is applied in small amounts at short intervals
  • A protective grease collar or film is created around the point where dirt and moisture are kept out
  • No risk of blown out seals 


Wind turbine components subject to lubrication

Why Groeneveld greasing for a wind turbine?

Quality maintenance is possible on a wind turbine with the proven reliability of the Twin heavy-duty system.  This product provides regular maintenance that ensures a problem-free and long wind turbine lifespan.

  • With low work pressure, Twin has an extremely long life span
  • Quality of the grease is preserved
  • High quality metering units and distribution blocks have a service life of 25 years


Groeneveld does not only provide the lubrication system, but also additional equipment. For proper greasing of an open gear, we offer a greasing sponge.  Fed by an automatic lubrication system, the sponge applies the grease equally to the open gear. In this way over and under greasing are prevented. 


Timken is a leading-edge producer of bearings for wind turbines.  Groeneveld has access to all necessary technical details of turbine bearings. Knowing the grease demands of the main moving components, Groeneveld offers an unmatched, tailor-made lubrication solution.


Learn more about the Twin

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